1953. A London shattered by WWII is still recovering. Williams (Bill Nighy), a veteran civil servant, is an impotent cog within the city’s bureaucracy as it struggles to rebuild. Buried under paperwork at the office, lonely at home, his life has long felt empty and meaningless. Then a shattering medical diagnosis forces him to take stock – and to try and grasp fulfilment before it goes beyond reach.

- Synopsis provided by Internet Video Archive



  • Oliver Hermanus


  • Alex Sharp
  • Adrian Rawlins
  • Hubert Burton
  • Oliver Chris
  • Bill Nighy
  • Michael Cochrane
  • Anant Varman
  • Aimee-Lou Wood
  • Zoe Boyle
  • Lia Williams
  • Jessica Flood
  • Jamie Wilkes
  • Richard Cunningham
  • John Mackay
  • Ffion Jolly
  • Celeste Dodwell
  • Patsy Ferran
  • Barney Fishwick
  • Tom Burke
  • Nichola McAuliffe


  • Akira Kurosawa
  • Kazuo Ishiguro


  • Anthony Muir
  • Daniel Battsek
  • Elizabeth Karlsen
  • Emma Berkofsky
  • Ian Prior
  • Jane Hooks
  • Kate Albers
  • Kazuo Ishiguro
  • Kenzo Okamoto
  • Ko Kurosawa
  • Nik Powell
  • Norman Merry
  • Ollie Madden
  • Peter Hampden
  • Sean Wheelan
  • Stephen Woolley
  • Thorsten Schumacher

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