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A terrifying sci-fi thrill ride, Lumina follows four friends desperately searching for their abductee friend in a DUMB - DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASE. Whether they find their friend or not, what they find in the desert of the US to the sands of the Sahara, will change their lives forever.

PATRICIA, a free-spirited Nubian hippie and amateur videographer, is staying at the house of her rich friend, ALEX who decides to throw a party that will reunite old friends and introduce them to his new girl, TATIANA. The night seems destined for drama when he invites DELILAH, an old girlfriend who doesn’t hide her feelings for him. Despite the tension running through the celebration, the night goes off without a hitch.

Everything changes with the sudden appearance of blinding lights from the sky. One second they’re there, the next they’re gone, and the only thing for sure is that Tatiana has disappeared.

Months go by, during which Alex's mental state deteriorates. He’s joins an online community of conspiracy theorists and UFO watchers and has even reached out to GEORGE, an old acquaintance whose beliefs demand a matching tin foil hat. Worried about him, Patricia calls Delilah. After a recent falling out Delilah has been reluctant to come by, but jumps at the opportunity to worm her way back into his life.

Alex is convinced he must find Tatiana and he believes she's in a DUMB. After an intensely vivid dream about Tatiana being held captive there. The four friends set out on a trip that will change some lives and take others. After being hunted by alien menaces, tracked by the government, and chased by lights in the sky, they quickly realize that they have gotten themselves in too deep.

- Synopsis provided by Fabric Origin


  • Gino McKoy


  • Eric Roberts
  • Rupert Lazarus
  • Eleanor Williams
  • Andrea Tivadar
  • Sidney Nicole Rogers
  • Ken Lawson
  • Emily Hall
  • Gino McKoy


  • Gino McKoy


  • David Seychell
  • Gino McKoy
  • Hudson McKoy
  • Lynda McKoy

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