10 Second Film Festival Reception and Tour


Past Event

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EDGE Restaurant & Bar
1111 14th St.
Denver, CO  80202

Over the next two months, a festival of films by ten different artists from around the world will burst forth on large public screens across downtown Denver. If you think you’re too busy to watch, think again: They’re each ten seconds long. Denver Digerati, led by curator and Plus Gallery director Ivar Zeile, will launch the Ten-Second Film Festival with an opening reception today at Edge Restaurant and Bar, followed by a walking tour of the five big-screen LED display sites in Denver’s Theatre District, which is centered around 14th and Champa streets.

“The project is based in this trend of putting new technology in the hands of fine artists as animators,” says Zeile. The entries, created by artists from as far away as Hong Kong, range from pulsating mandalic patterns to disturbing, symbol-drenched, solution-less rebuses to fantastically detailed, hand-drawn stop-motion tours de force. These nontraditional presentations short-circuit everyday perceptual equipment, opening viewers’ minds to the medium’s largely untapped potential.

Anyone who has played with Vine knows that a film of even a few seconds’ length can pack a punch (or a punchline). Zeile wants his efforts to support and publicize the genre in order to push it forward into the broader culture. “We are finding a mechanism for artists that have more to show than just cool visuals,” he says. “If you go really deeply into these, you’ll find a much deeper level of artistry.”

The Ten-Second Film Festival, which also serves as a preview for Denver Digerati’s upcoming summer Flash Friday programs, opens today from 6 to 8 p.m. at Edge, 1111 14th Street. Admission is free; for more information, go to denverdigerati.com.

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