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Globe Hall
4483 Logan St.
Denver, CO  80216
It’s somewhat unclear whether Alex Cameron is the postmodern synth-pop hero that contemporary America needs or the postmodern synth-pop hero that contemporary America deserves. The Australian performer emerged in 2013 with his washed-up-musician persona already intact — prosthetic wrinkles and all — and has never once betrayed his sense of camp or winking artifice in the ensuing years. A critical darling from the start, he ditched the wrinkles for sophomore album Forced Witness, a self-aware, sleazy and compulsively listenable collection of ’80s-pop-referencing songs released last year. As catchy as Forced Witness sounds, however, the record is also fully loaded with social critique: Cameron has a particular knack for writing from the perspectives of self-inflated and thoroughly unlikable men as they forsake morals in favor of their various vices, porn addictions included. On paper, it doesn’t sound like it should work. In practice, it’s excellent.
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