Argentine Tango Beginner Classes

Argentine Tango Beginner Classes

Kit Hedman Photography Nina Pesochinsky - Argentine Tango Instructor


Past Event
$10 (4-classes preregistered), $12 drop-in

Location Info:

EVQ Elite Dance Studio
336 S Broadway
Denver, Colorado  80209
Please join me in the magical universe of Argentine Tango! Every Friday night, I will offer Beginner Level 4-week intensive series and then an ongoing class at the EVQ Elite Dance Studio , 7PM - 8:15PM. You will be transformed by the beauty of the music and you will meet new friends that will accompany you on this incredible journey of self discovery. Argentine Tango is a beautiful social dance. You do not need to have any previous dance experience or bring a partner, unless there is someone with whom you would like to share this experience. Please make sure that the soles of your shoes are not rubber. Ladies, please wear shoes that stay on your feet (heels are preferred). You will learn the volcabulary of Argentine tango, and you will acquire initial understanding of the cultural context in which this magnificent dance emerged. You will learn the most important operating principles of tango that will serve you well for your life in tango, even when you become more advanced dancers. [Organizer's description]

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