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Novo Coffee
1700 E. 6th Ave.
Denver, CO  80218
Control Group Productions presents a new immersive performance experience, [Colony 933]. Performances begin at Novo Coffee, 1700 E 6th Ave, in Denver from which the audience will be led to an undisclosed nearby bunker. Arrive early to enjoy Novo Coffee’s selection of coffee, wine, and beer prior to the show.

[Colony 933] is produced by Control Group Productions and directed by Kate Speer (Resident Artist at RedLine Contemporary Art Center). The work is conceived and created collectively by Denver’s best experimental artists in music, dance, and visual art. The creative team has crafted an immersive mystery dance-theatre set in a post-apocalyptic world where the sun hasn’t risen in years. The audience will find themselves welcomed as new arrivals recently incorporated into the Colony 933. As they figure out this new world, there will be a choice: whether to embrace this new existence or stage the revolt. Only the audience can decide.

Denver has become a playground for immersive, interactive works in which the audience can disappear inside an entire environment. Control Group Productions is well known for cultivating rich immersive experiences responsive to their site, situation, and audience-- from a multi-site bus tour in “Salon Romantik, op. 3: Fear & Prophets” (2013) to revamping an abandoned butcher factory in “SETTING FIRES” (2017). Artistic Director of Control Group, Patrick Mueller, has been part of Denver Center for the Performing Arts’ Off Center’s two recent immersive projects: “The Wild Party” as choreographer and “Sweet & Lucky” as a performer and creator.

[Colony 933] initiates a new type of programming by Control Group: a commissioned work by guest artist Kate Speer and her collaborative team, produced and mentored by the organization. The mystery theatre plot was developed by F.E. Toan, current Temple artist and former RedLine Resident Artist. Performers include dance and theatre artists Emma Acheson, Vanessa Ann, Amy Millennor, Sara Roybal, Rowan Salem, Kate Speer, Jessica Troppmann, and Rachel Oliver Young. Visual artists, Jessica Forrestal, Genevieve Waller, and Jess Webb, have painted murals and created immersive installations for the production. Musical artists, Michael Clark and Jake Wherry, complete the sensorial world with an original sound score. [Organizer's description]

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