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Denver Skatepark
2205 19th St.
Denver, CO  80202
There is plenty of street skating in Denver, but if you’re looking for a one-stop shop for terrain, check out the Denver Skatepark. Open from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily, this concrete oasis includes a handful of bowls, ranging from a three-leaf clover type with bowl depths of three feet to five feet, as well as a massive "deep-end" bowl with an estimated depth of nine and a half feet. But a full half of the park is dedicated to street designs, like banks, stairs, rails, planters, curbs, ledges and a recessed snake run providing riders with a chute that has easy roll-in access at both ends.

Finished in 2003, the Skatepark is one of the most visited parks in town, says Jill McGranahan, spokewoman for the city’s parks and recreation department, which manages the park. “It has been a raging success,” she says, adding that the park gets crowded, especially on the weekends when kids are out of school. So if you don’t like threading your line through a throng of people, get there in the early morning.

The Skatepark is at 2205 19th Street, between Platte Street and Little Raven; it is an easy find east of I-25 off the 20th Street exit. For more information, go to

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