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Boulder, CO  80302

Julia Joun, who occasionally gifts friends with such wonderful homemade jams as fig-raspberry and nectarine-lemon-verbena, traces her passion for food to her Korean mother, “who’d always pick out the choicest bit and say, ‘You should try this,’” she recalls. Then came a college roommate who had lived in Europe “and exposed me to all these things that later became de rigueur in America.”

She subsequently gained a passion for film as a volunteer at CU’s International Film Series — and when she read about food-film festivals, Joun decided that Boulder would be an ideal site for one, “with all the food passion from natural foods to fine dining to health, agriculture, permaculture — all these things have constituencies in the metro area. It seemed like a natural.” She laughs. “I’ve learned if you want to make something happen, you can usually do it; you just have to be the person willing to put it together.”

She was. The result is the six-day Flatirons Food Film Festival, now in its third and most ambitious year, with documentaries and narrative films, special events and visiting speakers, including Andy Ricker of Pok Pok. Joun avoids narrowly focused films, preferring those that “convey the world of food — as art, enjoyment, agriculture,” she says. And that’s the world she’s bringing to Boulder.

The Flatirons Food Film Fest runs October 19 through 25 at various Boulder locations. Tickets for individual films run between $8 and $12; an all-film pass is $41. For the complete schedule and to order tickets, visit flatironsfoodfilmfest.org.

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