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$15 - $17

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Globe Hall
4483 Logan St.
Denver, CO  80216
Geographer is the San Francisco-based indie-pop synth project of singer-songwriter Mike Deni. Since 2008, Deni has released three full-length albums and two EPs, including 2018’s Alone Time, of dreamy electro-pop with his gossamer vocals coursing through the center. Like his poptimist contemporaries, the leather-clad Deni isn’t shy about mixing rhythms and influences, recalling Borns, Local Natives, M83, Passion Pit and others. Performing live, Geographer is filled out with drums, guitar, bass, strings, horns and more, and the band’s high-energy yet sensitive performances have made it a favorite in the Bay Area. But Geographer is ultimately Deni’s vision, and in intimate settings, he can strip songs down to their essence in surprising ways, as when he employs masterful whistling on “Kites.”
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