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At 17, Justin Hayward answered an ad in Melody maker magazine, successfully landing a position as vocalist, lead guitarist and composer for the Moody Blues. Years later, while working on different projects and releasing new solo recordings, Justin continues to tour with the Moody Blues all across the world. “My acoustic solo tours give the perfect balance to the big production of the Moody Blues concerts. I’m so lucky to have both.” Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues is an enduring talent that has helped to define the times in which he worked. At 17, he answered an ad in Melody Maker magazine, successfully auditioning for UK Rock hero Marty Wilde and immediately hitting his stride writing classics such as “Knights in White Satin” and “Fly Me High.” In January 2018, the Moody Blues were finally inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of fame after selling 55 million albums over 45 years. His is a talent that has helped soundtrack more than a generation and created a legacy that remains undimmed. [Organizer's description]
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