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with Tiny Tomboy and Isadora Eden


Fans of Lucy Dacus, Jack White, and PJ Harvey will find familiar stripes in LABRYS, and those aware of Penny Pitchlynn's role as one-fourth of acclaimed indie band BRONCHO will spot a knack for riffy bass lines. Furthermore, LABRYS has been featured on the soundtrack to Peabody award-winning TV show Reservation Dogs and was a featured subject of the documentary Love and Fury. The recognition also carries to music journalism, as Pitchlynn was distinguished as "one of the most effective and laser-focused songsmiths on the scene" (Fieldcamp, OKC Free Press) in 2023.

This reputation comes not from overnight sensationalism but from years of development. LABRYS carries with it untold days and nights away from the spotlight spent crafting musical entities, calcifying into a growing body of studio work. Pushing forward across an unpredictable landscape, LABRYS is an emotional nomad, a perpetually evolving ecosystem of expression, drawing language from meditative listening and birthing sound from silence.

Tiny Tomboy

Fresh on the Colorado music scene, Tiny Tomboy combines distorted guitar with dreamy textures and witty lyrics. Their shows are marked by the energy and undeniable chemistry of drummer Sam Seymour, bassist Ethan Gould, and the Tiny Tomboy herself, lead singer and guitarist Eliza Neiman-Golden, who stands at a whopping 4'10" and shreds unapologetically. Formed at Colorado College in 2019 and now based in Denver, the band has been playing nonstop since they reunited post-COVID and have been known to break a floor or two at their chaotic shows. They released their debut album of angsty indie bangers, Sunburn, in 2022 and are currently recording their follow-up LP to be released in 2024.

Isadora Eden

Isadora Eden is Easter Sunday turned horror movie. Mixing elements of indie rock, shoegaze, and gothic folk, Eden is blending genres to make what she and her collaborator Sumner Erhard affectionately call fuzz folk. It is music for walking home alone to after a party, doom scrolling til the sun comes up, and then driving around your abandoned hometown pretending you’re actually going to call your high school best friend. This feeling manifests across 11 tracks on Eden’s new LP titled forget what makes it glow. The album evokes real life horror as it channels the not so great memories of religion, nostalgia, love and loss.