Learn About the American Anti-Corruption Act


Past Event

Location Info:

Lakewood Library
10200 W 20th Ave
Lakewood, Colorado  80215
The swamp never went away! Given the 2010 Citizens United decision, special-interest money in politics now rules the U.S. more than ever. But citizens have figured out something to do about it--an "end around" on Citizens United. A bill called the American Anti-Corruption Act (AACA) has been drafter, and citizen groups across the country are now busy getting it passed at the local level. The AACA will redefine the meaning of corruption and end the "pay for play" system that currently rules Washington D.C. Citizens need to start getting this bill submitted and passed in cities, counties and states. One of the best things about the AACA...it's being championed by people on both sides of the political divide. Everyone's equally fed up with the system that exists. Ending political corruption is an issue that can unite people again. Attend this event to learn about the AACA and how you can help it become law. RSVP and you'll be guaranteed a front-row seat (until five minutes before the event). There will be three speakers and then an action workshop: Represent.Us: “What is the American Anti-Corruption Act?”; Common Cause: “How special interests corrupt our legislators;” and Colorado Rep. Joe Salazar: “The AACA is effective and constitutional.” [Organizer's description]

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