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Ludlow is a bold name for a band. It evokes the bloody history of the Ludlow Massacre and Colorado’s legacy of squelching the labor movement. But for an anarchist Front Range folk-punk outfit belting out songs defined by banjo strumming nearly as heavy-handed as their lyrics, the moniker fits. The act pits itself against everything: capitalism, sexism, racism, transphobia, body shaming, prisons, police. Its twangy, rage-filled songs, in the tradition of AJJ and Defiance, Ohio, blast away at all forms of oppression — sometimes dozens in one song. The act’s propagandist poetry is not terribly focused, but it is blunt. It’s also irresistibly fun to sing along to, especially songs like “Trust No Cop,” which boasts self-help lyrics like “You are as powerful as you allow yourself to be.” If you’re looking for a mashup of insurrectionist rage and gloriously crusty imperfection, Ludlow fills the bill.
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