Make & Tell: Eleanor Perry-Smith and Amber Jensdotter


Past Event
Free with $2.50 after-hours museum admission

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MCA Denver
1485 Delgany St.
Denver, CO  80202

Making and doing is the order of the day in arts communities everywhere, and a lot of the success of those processes depends on people working together. MCA Denver’s new monthly Make & Tell program, which debuts July 20 in the museum’s cafe, will help set things in motion, with open-mic workshopping in a laid-back environment.

The Make & Tell happy hour actually runs from 5 to 7 p.m.; the open mic will be turned on from 6 to 6:50 p.m., followed by presentations at 7 p.m. by local artist/poet Eleanor Perry-Smith, who will read from her recent publication, Revelry & Rhyme, and Amber Jensdotter, whose groundbreaking Boulder-based Jensdotter Project provides a safe haven for art-making and instruction on all levels.

Perry-Smith’s self-published book is a collection of poems and images that she’s created over a period of years. “It’s something I needed to do in order to move on to new stuff,” she explains. “This is my way of celebrating my own evolution.” And Make & Tell makes sense for a writer, especially one who spends a lot of time by herself. “I think it’s important for the health of creative community to get together to talk about process,” Perry-Smith adds.

Maybe you’ll like it, too. Try out Make & Tell at the MCA, 1485 Delgany Street. The event is free with the extremely reasonable after-hours museum admission of $2.50, but bring a little extra for the bar. Keep abreast of this and other museum programs at

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