Martha Russo: coalescere


Past Event

Location Info:

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
1750 13th St.
Boulder, CO  80302

Martha Russo's sculptural works generate their own uncanny ecology in her new solo show, Coalescere, at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. "I'm making forms that are just outside of language; you can't quite name them,” says the artist. “All the works have different anchors in the natural world, but you can't quite say, 'Oh, that's a coral reef, that's a fungus or that's a spore.' They're all sort of hybrids that have a purposeful obscurity." By distorting familiar biological and ecological forms so that they fall just outside of categorical recognition, Russo hopes to "create a sense of discovery" that has viewers wondering “what's just around the corner," she says.

This is Russo's first solo show in a large museum space, which enhances its sense of world-making. For example, with “Nomos,” the exhibit's centerpiece, Russo has "created this great curvilinear wall, and basically the whole interior of this wall is the environment for the piece," she says, almost as if the work itself is emerging from the museum's architecture.

Coalescere opens with a reception from 6:30 to 9 p.m. March 31 at BMoCA, 1750 13th Street in Boulder, and runs through June 12. Admission to the museum is $1; for information about related events, including artist talks on April 7 and 21, visit

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