Nightmares Unhinged Launch Party


Past Event

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Tattered Cover Colfax Avenue
2526 E. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO  80206

Erie-based Hex Publishers will be making a big push in the arena of dark fiction over the next couple of years, beginning with the release of Nightmares Unhinged: Twenty Tales of Terror, an illustrated horror anthology by a stable of Nebula, Hugo, International Horror Guild and Bram Stoker Award-winners, the majority of whom hail from Colorado. On its heels, says Hex owner/editor Josh Viola, will be subsequent volumes of quality science fiction and crime writing. But first things first: Viola and a host of local horror authors showcased in Nightmares Unhinged, including Mario Acevedo, Ed Bryant, Jason Heller, Jeanne Stein and others, will be on hand September 9 at the Tattered Cover on Colfax for a combination reading, discussion and book signing that’s sure to make you shiver and shake.

“I grew up on dark fiction,” says Viola, explaining why he thinks the horror genre gets under our collective skin. “I came from a conservative family, and I was not supposed to be exposed to the ‘bad stuff,’ but I would go my friends’ houses and get their horror-based comics and books and movies, and I’d bring them home and hide them under my bed. It’s like a primal evolutionary instinct; we’re all attracted to fear, and I find that interesting. Horror has become such a strong, growing market; particularly in the film industry, horror is booming.”

The authors will gather at 7 p.m. at the TC, 2526 East Colfax Avenue; buy the paperback edition at the store for $12.99. For details, go to

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