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Rubedo's Independence Day V

Five years in, Rubedo’s annual Independence Day extravaganza is officially a local music tradition. This year, the longtime Denver indie-rock outfit will be joined by Matt Embree, frontman of alt-rock outfit Rx Bandits, or “our favorite band in high school,” according to Rubedo drummer Gregg Ziemba. (Apparently when Rubedo first tracked him down during a Rx Bandits gig at the Bluebird in 2003, Embree recommended that the band check out the Mars Volta.) As always, it’s going to be a night that reaffirms our belief in Denver music and this community. And no amount of cranes in the city can take that away.

— Elle Carroll

Venue Details

  • Bluebird Theater

    3317 E. Colfax Ave., Denver Central Denver


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