Stratum: New Works by Naomi Scheck and Peter Yumi


Past Event

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Helikon Gallery & Studios
3675 Wynkoop St.
Denver, CO  80216
At Helikon, Denver artists Naomi Scheck and Peter Yumi juxtapose individual bodies of densely layered mixed-media work. While Scheck’s are contemplative, Yumi’s are explosive. His installations of large-scale, confetti-scattered rectangular collage paintings are inspired by Brazil’s working-class samba culture and the music of Bezerra da Silva who, Yumi explains in his statement, “sings about the Brazilian anti-hero the Malandro…a recurring figure in Brazilian culture, an anti-hero who lives by his wits, on the edge of the law. I use the Malandro in my work to explore many of the same issues that Bezerra da Silva sings about in his songs: his struggles with poverty and recording samba music (art) with limited means (handheld tape recorders).” Also on view: Works by Justin Ankenbauer.
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