The Body of an American

Location Info:

Curious Theatre Company
1080 Acoma St.
Denver, CO  80204
Difficult plays are Curious Theatre Company’s bread and butter, and The Body of an American continues in that mold with riveting precision. Dan O’Brien’s story — part fractured autobiography, part ethics review and part homage to the unadorned art of photojournalism — is based on the split-second shot that earned a Pulitzer Prize for war photog Paul Watson, whose most famous image, of an American soldier dragged from the wreckage of a Black Hawk helicopter through the streets of Mogadishu, still haunts him. The two-man cast, ostensibly appearing as O’Brien and Watson, who struck up a friendship in real life, shape-shifts from one role to another (Curious calls actors Sean Scrutchins and Michael McNeill an “ensemble cast”), sometimes trading identities mid-sentence. Difficult enough for you? The Body of an American opens for previews at 8 p.m. Thursday, November 2, at Curious Theatre, 1080 Acoma Street, and runs through December 9. Find information and tickets, $18 to $50, at

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