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The Swing Station
3311 W. County Road 54G
Laporte, CO  80535
When the New Ben Franklins debuted in 1992, the band was more like a goth outfit with a drum machine and a proclivity for dark, melodramatic music than the superb country band it is today. But that heightened emotive quality has served the group’s 23-year evolution well, because singer David DeVoe’s vocals have never been tentative. He always sounds like he has something intense to say, even when waxing poetic about everyday struggles. In addition, DeVoe is a gifted storyteller with a talent for reinterpreting music. The Franklins (playing Saturday, November 7, at Swing Station in Laporte, 970-224-3326) have just released two albums, Something Old Something New and Something Borrowed Something Blue. On the latter, the band covers Echo & the Bunnymen and Swervedriver — hardly country acts. But with the aid of talented players like drummer Tom Radigan, guitarist Greg Pasquariello and Jeremy Ziehe on bass, DeVoe transforms the songs to suit the noisy country sound of his own fine compositions.
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