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Gothic Theatre
3263 S. Broadway
Englewood, CO  80110
Committing to the idea that humans are all the same, regardless of where they come from, is generally a good thing. But it’s important that we also recognize and champion the regional traits that make us unique. The Wombats reflect the snarkiness, humor and originality for which their home town of Liverpool — and its music — is famous. While musically much different from the Beatles (those most famous of Liverpudlians), the two bands share a subtle, biting humor and cleverness. The Wombats’ last album, 2015’s Glitterbug, earned praise from critics and fans alike and shares a similar pulse and cadence to work from North American acts like the Killers and the Stills. The Wombats’ upcoming tour puts them alongside heavyweights like Weezer and the Pixies to promote their forthcoming album, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE, out February 9.
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