Ultimate Dinosaurs

Denver Museum of Nature and Science


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Denver Museum of Nature and Science
2001 Colorado Blvd.
Denver, CO  80205
The Denver Museum of Nature & Science's Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibit couldn't have asked for better timing: It opens hot on the heels of the August discovery of a triceratops skull in Thornton that made national news. If that reignited the passion for the prehistoric reptiles you had as a tween (or sparked your own little one's interest), checking out this exhibit is the logical next step. Highlights include seventeen fully articulated skeletons, life-sized video projections of the creatures, 3-D printers creating fossil replicas, and augmented-reality viewers rebuilding a Carnotaurus (literally, "meat-eating bull," if your Latin is a little lax) from the bones out. The exhibition opens Friday, October 6, and is open daily 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. through January 15 at the museum, 2001 Colorado Boulevard; it's included in the cost of general admission, $12 to $17. Find out more at dmns.org.


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