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In 1981, the Buggles launched MTV with the video for their song “Video Killed the Radio Star.” The pure-pop confection introduced a generation of visual stories and storytellers and eventually expanded a bold new medium to dizzying heights. What goes up must come down, however, and the past decade has witnessed the near-extinction of the music video as we knew it then. Christine Battle and Adán De La Garza — the minds behind the evolving art project Nothing to See Here — have watched these changes, and their new show, Video Syndrome, takes a look at how the medium has worked to adapt to the world of social media. It features today’s artists pushing music videos into new, exciting territories.

“What was great about the MTV of the past and other programming like it was that they focused on music videos exclusively,” says de la Garza. “That focus really helped push the medium to the limits. The content they used to show was more likely reflective of a variety of subcultures. It was more youthful and felt more relatable to us. The work in Video Syndrome remind us of the potential the medium holds instead of the formulaic and capital-driven mentality you so often see nowadays.”

Catch the program at 8 p.m. February 20 at Deer Pile, 206 East 13th Avenue. Admission is “pay what you can,” with a suggested donation of $8. For more information, go to

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