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Tour pros and frustrated duffers alike love Harold Ramis's classic 1980 golf comedy Caddyshack -- thanks in large part to inspired turns by the late Rodney Dangerfield as a foul-mouthed, wisecracking plutocrat, and Chevy Chase as a playboy hacker who doesn't bother keeping score on fairway or green. Set at the aptly named Bushwood Country Club, this great low-rent farce makes virtues of its unbridled infantilism and free-flowing anarchy. Golf nut Bill Murray turns up as a gopher-hunting groundskeeper, Ted Knight as the insufferable club president. Great mid-summer fun. Caddyshack screens outdoors on Thursday, July 20, in the popular Films on Fillmore series. Movie-goers are encouraged to bring chairs and blankets, perhaps a picnic basket. Or pick up dinner from one of the fifty restaurants in the North Cherry Creek shopping area. The film starts at dusk on Fillmore Street Plaza, between First and Second Avenues. Coming attractions: July 27, Madagascar; August 3, Sideways; August 10, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. For more information, call 303-394-2904 or go to -- Bill Gallo
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