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Ten Movies to Look Forward to in Early 2019

Oscar winner Brie Larson stars as ex-Air Force fighter pilot Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel.
Oscar winner Brie Larson stars as ex-Air Force fighter pilot Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel. Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures
Whoever said the first quarter of the year was a bad time for movie releases was a damn fool. The January, February and March months of 2019 are already boasting a strong slate, with U.S. distribution of international festival favorites along with welcome returns of first-rate genre filmmakers like M. Night Shyamalan and Jordan Peele. From the indies to one particularly highly anticipated Marvel debut, here’s a list to bookmark for your top-of-the-year movie-going. Release dates are subject to change.

Glass (Jan. 18)

The surprise at the end of M. Night Shyamalan’s multi-personality horror film Split (in which James McAvoy dons 24 different personas) was that it belongs in the same cinematic universe as Shyamalan’s 2000 film Unbreakable. In the upcoming third of the trilogy, Bruce Willis reprises his role as Unbreakable’s train wreck survivor turned superhero David Dunn, who pursues the beastly 24th personality of Kevin Wendell Crumb (McAvoy). And Samuel L. Jackson returns as the wheelchair-bound, mind game-playing villain Mr. Glass, whose name the film takes after. Before last year, Glass was a sequel we didn’t know we needed or even could have, but now we’re itching to dive back into the psychologically twisted world of Shyamalan’s non-comic-book superheroes.

What Men Want (Feb. 8)

Just when we thought gender-flipped remakes were so over, Taraji P. Henson comes along to take over Mel Gibson’s place in a remake of What Women Want. Henson stars as Ali Davis, a sports agent who, after losing a big promotion at work to a less-deserving male colleague, gains the ability to hear men’s inner thoughts. As you can guess, men’s heads are way more littered with dirty thoughts and fart jokes than women’s, but Ali wades through and uses her newest skill to get the career boost that should’ve been hers in the first place. And, of course, she uses it for some personal pleasures, too.
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