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Until now, the landmark creature feature Godzilla (1954) has never been shown on this side of the Pacific in all its high-budget (but still cheesy) glory. The uncut version, in a new 35-millimeter print straight from the lab in Japan, restores forty minutes of previously unseen footage just in time for the movie's fiftieth birthday.

The big guy of the title, befanged, beclawed and thirty stories tall, did his best half a century ago to destroy post-war Tokyo and, in the process, became one of the most beloved movie monsters of all time while inspiring dozens of scaly imitators and many sequels and spinoffs. Meanwhile, director Ishiro Honda had a few things to say about atomic bombs and political paranoia -- messages now restored to full strength in this version.

Godzilla will show for one week, beginning Friday, August 20, at the Starz FilmCenter, in the Tivoli building on the Auraria campus. For information, call 303-820-FILM or log on at

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