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Horror-movie cultists are in for a dark thrill this week when the 1945 British classic Dead of Night is shown in Boulder. Linked by the tale of an architect's recurring nightmare, it's a series of five supernatural episodes. Notable are the two directed by Alberto Cavalcanti -- the first about children at a Christmas party encountering a young ghost, the second concerning a deranged ventriloquist who's arguing with his dummy. Directors of the remaining stories include Robert Hamer, Charles Crichton and Basil Dearden, working from stories by H.G. Wells, Angus McPhail and others. Produced at Britain's famous Ealing Studios, which gave us such peerless comedies as Kind Hearts and Coronets and The Man in the White Suit, the film stars Michael Redgrave, Sally Ann Howes and Basil Radford. Spooky Georges Auric wrote the music.

Dead of Night screens at 7 p.m. Thursday, June 23, as part of the Boulder Public Library's free summer film program. The library is at 1000 Canyon Boulevard; for information, call 303-441-3197 or go to

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