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A new interpretation of Macbeth, filmed in Denver and the mountains west of Golden and set in contemporary corporate America, will have its world premiere on Friday, May 19, at Starz FilmCenter.

The first feature produced by Commerce City-based Ionogen Studios, this Macbeth stars Clyde Sacks in the title role and Karilyn T. Starks as the would-be king's scheming wife. As they greedily vie for control of the fictitious Dunsinane Corporation (shades of Michael Almereyda's boldly reimagined Manhattan-based Hamlet, released in 2000), the powermongers of Shakespeare's great tragedy now wear the kind of business suits Ken Lay and Joe Nacchio would recognize. The Bard's three pivotal witches have been transformed into computer hackers, and Macbeth's hired assassins are cold-blooded seductresses sheathed in cocktail dresses. Directed by Ionogen's founder and artistic director, Michael Starks (who also happens to be the husband of the leading lady), the film, made for less than $40,000, is next destined for showings in Los Angeles and on the festival circuit. It does not yet have a distributor.

The screening will be at 7 p.m. Friday at Starz, 900 Auraria Parkway. For tickets, call 303-726-5210; for information on Ionogen Studios, go to

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