Altitude the Dispensary West

Scott Lentz
The west location of Altitude the Dispensary carries more than a dozen strains of sativa, indica and hybrid on its shelves — not a huge selection, but those strains that do grace the shelves of this Altitude outpost are of notably high quality. Of course, they carry a commensurate price uptick, but that's to be expected. And the budtenders at Altitude are knowledgeable and patient; they're happy to walk brand­-new patients through their strain options or help experienced users narrow down their ideal strain for either medical or recreational purposes. As at the east location, you can buy bags of top-­shelf shake (either sativa or indica) for low prices if you want to roll your own joints instead of dropping cash on pre­-rolls; there are also plenty of concentrates and edibles on the shelves for those who'd rather eat or drink their way to a high than smoke.