Danielle Lirette


Located on the fourth floor of the Art Hotel in the Golden Triangle, Fire makes an elegant addition to Denver's dining scene. Gray tablecloths tuck into slits at tables’ edges. Glowing rings, custom-designed for the hotel, become discussion-point light fixtures. A sculpture hangs in the vitrine separating the bar from the dining room, its fluid, metallic coils reminiscent of gigantic pencil shavings sparkling in the sun. Even in the most casual areas around the couch-lined fire pits on the rooftop terrace, you’re treated to museum-worthy art, such as a Deborah Butterfield horse sculpture. As you sip an orchid-rimmed, Calvados-spiked cocktail named for Cézanne’s “Still Life With Apples,” you can’t forget that you’re someplace special. The menu straddles the line between casual and refined, with everything from gochujang-spiced wings and cucumber lo mein noodles to unctuous lamb pappardelle and butternut-squash soup garnished with a slowly melting Szechuan-spiced marshmallow.