• April 27 - May 1 Wednesday 6-9 pm, Thursday-Saturday 9:30 am-6 pm, Sunday 9 am-1:30 pm
We will explore the special topic of the Mother-Daughter relationship as it impacts our Lives and our Leadership. Our ability to love ourselves and others, as well as our ability to lead groups, teams and organizations, using a relational matrix, is often shaped by this foundational relationship. We believe our exploration of the Mother-Daughter relationship will unleash human potential in new and evolutionary ways especially needed in these times. Offering a unique model of leadership, based on the powerful Feminine principle of ‘connecting the disconnected’-- sometimes referred to as the Connective Edge in women’s leadership, we intend to engage a radical inclusion of the Mother-Daughter archetype in our program. We will explore the gifts, the shadows, the potentials and pitfalls, the betrayals and reconciliations. We will call forth the fundamental principle of the Interconnectedness of all life, and have a direct experience of the yearning we feel in our being to express deep care for all Life. We will gain clarity about how we can serve life in our work and in our relationships. We will learn how to “mother” and “daughter” the world. Experiencing the power and truth of our interdependency in this class will become our inspiration for creating a world that knows the true value of being human in relationship. We will go far together. Who should come to this class: Mother/Daughter pairs Mothers (even without her daughter) Daughters (even without her mother) Woman considering motherhood Mothers who have lost their mother or who are dealing with illness Daughters who have lost their mothers Mothers who have lost a daughter Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law pairs Chosen or adopted mother-daughter pairs Step-mother and daughter pairs

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