Courtesy Oasis Brewing Co.

Oasis Brewing Co.

Jonathan Shikes
One of Colorado's craft-beer pioneers, Oasis Brewing Co. originally opened in Boulder in 1991, then shut its doors a decade later. But in April 2018, the brewery reopened in a former church in the Highland neighborhood, determined to continue brewing the same quaffable recipes it had started out with all those years ago. “Not everyone likes the new trends, sours and over-the-top hops," says co-owner George Hanna. "Some people like to stick with beer that tastes good. There are trendy beers and then there are the ones that sell because they are staples. … New Belgium still sells a tremendous amount of Fat Tire, and Odell Brewing still sells a lot of 90 Shilling.” The new location, with its soaring ceilings and stained-glass windows, feels fresh and comfortable, while the beers are the same as always — accessible and excellently brewed.