Mark Antonation

Pizzeria Locale

Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson and Bobby Stuckey, who put Boulder on the national food map with their flagship restaurant, Frasca Food and Wine, certainly know the rules of classic pizza-making. Both have been to Naples several times, and their crew spent time in Italy before helping launch the original Pizzeria Locale, right next to Frasca, in 2011. They know the time-honored way to mix dough, how to slap -- not toss -- it into shape, then put it in an oven heated to a searing 1,000 degrees. But as businessmen, they also know that consistency comes from machines, not men. So for the restaurant they opened in Denver in May 2013, Mackinnon-Patterson and Stuckey broke with tradition and installed a rotational hearth oven powered by gas and infrared, the only one of its kind in the world. All a pizzaiolo has to do is put a pie on the moving track, and voila!-- artisanal pizza, two minutes later. Why go to all the expense? Because unlike the original Pizzeria Locale, this one is built with potential replication in mind, cutting the partners in on a pizza the fast-casual action. So while Denver's Pizzeria Locale has all the fancy toppings of the original, the prices (and sizes) are a little smaller here. And these pies are even cut into slices, for easier consumption. The spot may lack the charm of the original, but it makes up for it in speed.