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Session Kitchen

Session Kitchen, which the Wynkoop-Breckenridge group opened on South Pearl Street in late 2013, is a stunning space, with enough art installations and independently designed drinking and dining spaces to make it look like a contemporary museum. This is the creative embodiment of "disparate things together." The logo is reminiscent of a Communist star. Black-and-white birds, all indigenous to Colorado, fly on suspended sculptures. Fluorescent tubes pulsate red to white above one of the three bars. Murals are everywhere, and snippets of song lyrics (from the likes of the Offspring, Portishead and the Ramones) are writ large on bathroom ceilings. The menu, buzzing with ingredients from milk jam to black-truffle vinaigrette, is equally adventuresome, incorporating the creative concept director's "East-meets-West vibe" and what chef Scott Parker calls "the way people used to eat...preserving, pickling, fermentation, curing." The combos can be as creatively disparate as the art: Think chicken-liver mousse with Belgian waffles. Like any creative endeavor, this plate comes a hair’s breadth from irrelevance, yet it’s very relevant, indeed -- as is Session Kitchen.