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SweetLeaf Compassion Center

Owners: Gabriel Gaston, Eric Kaufman and Rich Caniglia Owners' statement: "Sweetleaf Compassion Center was founded to create a compassionate, safe, relaxing space for medical marijuana patients to achieve wellness through various methods." Opened: December 28, 2009 Raw marijuana price range: Members and new customers pay $50/eighth, $95/quarter; non-members pay $55/eighth, $105/quarter. Other types of medicine: Hash, tinctures and oils, along with a full menu of edibles that includes chili, potato soup, sugar-free zucchini bread and Keef Cola. Patient services and amenities: Acupuncture, sports and Swedish massage, reflexology, reiki, trigger point. Yoga (including private or couples classes) and guided meditation with Tibetan sound bowls for donations only. Read the full dispensary review of SweetLeaf Compassion Center.