The Crimson Room

Martinis, thumping trance beats and swanky, underground digs. No, it's not 2004 -- it's the Crimson Room, a nightclub concept from Corridor 44 owner Brian Siffermann that opened in late 2014. Located under Ted's Montana Grill in the former Wicked Garden space, the Crimson Room has received a significant makeover in decor and layout since the latter's rocker days. (Gone are the unisex bathrooms, for starters.) The entrance is unmarked, but just look for the crimson doorway to the right of Ted's patio. Siffermann says heâ??s reinventing the martini lounge by â??blending mixology into an efficient delivery method.â?� Since the Crimson Room is closed three nights a week, bartenders have time to work with fresh herbs and fruits to create infusions and other time-consuming cocktail ingredients. The bar is also barrel-aging Negronis and a house bourbon.