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The Good Son

The U Baron Group has mounted a string of restaurants in the former Lowenstein Theater complex since taking over the space in 2012. Its first run was Udi’s Pizza Cafe, which offered pizzas and globally inspired entrees. After the Udi’s name was sold to Smart Balance, the restaurant reopened as Silvi’s Kitchen. Then in spring 2015, the group debuted a new concept: The Good Son, a watering hole specializing in burgers, sandwiches and Detroit-style pizza. More urban in flair than the group’s other restaurants, the Good Son boasts strings of red and white lights, zebra-themed wallpaper, and funky art from local artist Zoë Rayor, not to mention a lengthy beer list with eighteen beers on tap and another 26 in bottles. Stars of the show are thick, cheesy pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven in well-oiled steel pans. Don’t miss the Buddy’s, named for the Michigan pizzeria that started it all, with tomato sauce ladled over the cheese, as custom dictates. Though less traditional, the Spartan and Tom Selleck are just as good, with assertive toppings -- spinach-artichoke dip and smoked mozzarella in the former and jalapenos, fresh pineapple, bacon and smoked mozzarella in the latter -- that hold their own against so much dough.