Mark Antonation

Yum Yum Spice

Yum Yum Spice opened in the DU neighborhood in late 2015, catering to the school’s population of Chinese students. One "yum" just isn't enough for the Sichuan-style offerings at this little spot; on a recent visit, almost every table sported a brimming hot pot or dry pot bubbling atop a Sterno burner and packed with uncommon proteins like duck head, frog or several choices of offal (standard meats are available for the less adventurous). Crank up the numbing heat — that's customizable, too — for a bold dose of tingly, buzzing Sichuan peppercorns that balance fiery red chiles. This is one of the few true regional Chinese specialties available in the Mile High City, a rare glimpse of a broad cuisine that we see only a sliver of here in the States.