Ask a Stoner: Where Should I Go on 4/20 This Year?

Ask a Stoner: Where Should I Go on 4/20 This Year?

Dear Stoner: What are my options for 4/20 this year? Are lounges open yet? Any weed events like the Cannabis Cup coming back?

Dear Larz: You'll have several options this year, with varying degrees of legality. Not a High Times Cannabis Cup, though; there hasn’t been one here since 2015, and you shouldn’t expect it to return any time soon, if ever, because while the City and County of Denver was less than welcoming to the event, cities in other states where marijuana is legal are more willing to host it.

You can always head to Civic Center Park for the Fly Hi 420 Fest on 4/20. Jermaine Dupri and T.I. are expected to headline the event, though smoking there isn’t technically “legal." You can also partake in a number of cannabis cups or visit private clubs that allow consumption, but you’ll have to gain an invite or membership first (we’ll have many of these events listed soon). There’s also a licensed cannabis lounge in Denver, the Coffee Joint, and several marijuana tour bus companies, such as My 420 Tours, the Loopr and Colorado Cannabis Tours, that will allow you to consume among friends.

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