Ask a Stoner: Is Making Your Own Edibles Worth the Time and Trouble?EXPAND

Ask a Stoner: Is Making Your Own Edibles Worth the Time and Trouble?

Dear Stoner: I was interested in making my own batch of edibles for personal use, but is it worth it after factoring in the time, money spent – and my inexperience with cooking?
Martha 42.0

Dear Martha: Creating pot-infused treats makes for a fun night and a good story for your prudish friends, even if you only do it once. If your cooking skills are too basic to do anything ambitious from scratch, start with brownies, cookies or anything else that comes in a pre-made mix to which you add butter. Infused butter, of course. If you want your edibles to be as strong as a dispensary’s, buy about a quarter-ounce of chronic. That’ll run anywhere from $45 to $90, but I recommend going cheap if you’re not going to smoke it; plenty of pot shops and dealers sell small-bud quarters at a discount that are perfect for cooking. You'll also need to have a fine mesh strainer on hand, and anything else the mix calls for.

Making decent weed butter requires at least two hours, with another hour to solidify in the fridge. Making the batter, baking your goodies and letting them cool will be another hour. So you’re looking at spending at least $55 and three or four hours of time when it’s all said and done. But you'll also have a dozen very special brownies or twenty-plus space cookies to show for it.

Plus that good story.

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