Ask a Stoner: Should You Keep Weed That You Find?

Finders keepers?
Finders keepers? Jacqueline Collins
Dear Stoner: My friend found a big jar of weed at a bar in Cap Hill. I told him he should’ve taken it to lost and found (he’s got tons of weed), but he said that’s not how it works. Since we're in Colorado, shouldn’t he have?

Dear Laura: I asked six bartender friends this question. Four told me they’d keep the weed, one told me to stop smoking so much, and the other told me she’d throw it out, but not because there was a rule against it at the brewery where she works; she just doesn’t partake and thought trying to find the owner would be a futile gesture. That doesn’t make you wrong for caring, though. Your friend could have kept on eye out for a panicked person trying to sheepishly sniff out the bar for a nug jug, or even told the bartender of his find. But as he and several bartenders so eloquently showed us, that’s not how this works — especially if this bar was something like a Red Robin.

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