Denver Restaurants With Stonerific Menu Items

Crush Pizza & Tap's 420 Pizza is topped with "whatever we feel like, no requests," according to the menu.
Crush Pizza & Tap's 420 Pizza is topped with "whatever we feel like, no requests," according to the menu.
Courtesy Crush Pizza & Tap
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A strong bout of hunger that often hits people after consuming THC, the munchies have been a longstanding pillar of stoner culture (and is actually explainable by science). And Denver restaurants are joining in the fun, with menu items across town geared toward the inebriated tastebuds of cannabis users.

Here are nine Denver restaurants with stoner-specific items that hit every stop on the train to Flavor Town.

Crush Pizza & Tap, 420 Pizza
1200 West 38th Avenue

What’s on the 420 Pizza? We can’t tell you. It’s a different pizza every time, and depends on what the Crush kitchen feels like whipping up. Although diners can decide if they want a large deep-dish or hand-tossed pizza, what will top the $25 ’za is “whatever we feel like, no requests,” according to the Crush menu. Will it be cheeseburger sliders? Cream cheese and jelly? We've heard the stories, but smoke up and find out for yourself.

523 East 17th Avenue

7355 Ralston Road, Arvada

We've never tried Scooby Snacks, but it's hard to imagine them tasting better than the version you'll find at Steuben's — which aren't made for dogs, by the way. The $8 "Steubie Snacks" are actually pieces of braised pork shoulder that are deep fried, then tossed in powdered sugar to make sweet and savory bites that are perfect after a post-work joint. Unfortunately, Steuben's has temporarily suspended Steubie Snacks as restaurant restrictions fluctuate during the COVID-19 pandemic, but we look forward to scarfing them down again soon.

Sexy Pizza
Four Denver locations

For the conscientious stoner, check out Sexy Pizza, a local chain of pizza parlors co-owned by former dispensary owner Kayvan Khalatbari. Anyone familiar with Khalatbari's history of activism won't be surprised to find that his stoner menu item is sprinkled in social justice, with proceeds from five different pizzas going to various charities. The Sexy Sheik, a pizza topped with pepperoni, jalapeños, cream cheese dollops and mozzarella, is our favorite; profits from the Sheik go to Students for Sensible Drug Policy, a national nonprofit group that advocates for drug-policy reform.

TAG Restaurant
1441 Larimer Street

Troy Guard's chic eatery is too refined to keep stonerific items on the menu year-round, but the award-winning restaurant isn't too cool for the fun on 4/20. Before COVID-19 wrecked in-person dining, TAG annually offered a special dinner menu on April 20, serving dishes like candied bacon, chicken-skin Doritos and Funyun-crusted sea bass. The 4/20 menu took a forced hiatus in 2020 during the pandemic, but hopefully Guard and his staff figure out a way to bring it back this year.

Wild Corgi Pub's Golden Goat stoner pack comes with cheese curds, chicken tenders, churros, a Capri Sun and Hi-C.EXPAND
Wild Corgi Pub's Golden Goat stoner pack comes with cheese curds, chicken tenders, churros, a Capri Sun and Hi-C.
Thomas Mitchell

Wild Corgi Pub
1223 East 13th Avenue

Pairing dinners with cannabis at restaurants is something in the distant future, but the Wild Corgi Pub's stoner packs are a take-home alternative. At $20 each, Wild Corgi Pub’s eight different stoner packs are named after the staff's favorite cannabis strains, and are packed with deep-fried and carnival favorites such as chicken wings, sliders, mozzarella sticks and cheese curds, as well as dessert like Oreos, Cosmic Brownies and churros, and both a Capri-Sun and Hi-C juice box. It’s the childhood lunchbox you always wanted, for stoned adults.

D.P. Dough
1228 East Colfax Avenue

1335 Broadway, Boulder
Named after the famous Hawaiian sativa, the $8 Maui Wowi Zone from D.P. Dough crosses Hawaiian pizza flavors of ham and pineapple with a calzone. As if you needed another reason to hit up D.P. Dough after a 10 p.m. smoke session.

Wake & Bake Denver
1301 South Broadway

A short drive from South Broadway's Green Mile of dispensaries, Wake & Bake Denver opened in July 2020 in an old Winchell’s Donuts location, and the shop's late hours (1 a.m. to 8 p.m. most days) quickly ingratiated itself with nearby tokers. For those nocturnal cravings, Wake & Bake will make you a "Waker's Dozen," a $10 box of thirteen assorted doughnuts selected by the staff, but Wake & Bake also serves savory eats like breakfast bagels, sandwiches and kolaches stuffed with combinations of sausage, cheese, jalapeño and egg.

Voodoo Doughnut
1520 East Colfax Avenue

98 South Broadway
Portland-born Voodoo Doughnut opened its first Colorado location on Colfax Avenue in Denver in 2013, and the line out the door never really left. Any doughnut on the menu would satisfy the munchies, but if you want to get specific, go after the blunt-shaped Maple Blazer. The $1.25 yeast-raised pastry is rolled in cinnamon sugar, with the end dipped in maple frosting and red sprinkles to look like a burning ember.

Cheba Hut
Thirteen Colorado locations

You may think we're cheating here, but any restaurant munchies list would be incomplete without mentioning Cheba Hut. Founded in 1998 in Tempe, Arizona, the national chain found a welcome outpost in Colorado, with more locations here than in any other state. And that's hardly a coincidence: Cheba Hut's menu references, decor and staff are all soaked in cannabis culture, with sandwiches bearing names like Panama Red, White Widow and Pakalolo, and sandwich that come in “Nug, Pinner and Blunt" sizes. 

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.