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Colorado's Best Edibles for Football Sunday

Find these infused treats, drinks and sauces before Sunday hits.
Saucy's Southern infused wing sauces come in two flavors: BBQ and Carolina Gold.
Saucy's Southern infused wing sauces come in two flavors: BBQ and Carolina Gold. Khristian Matthews
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Getting tickets to a big game is cool, but most football Sundays are best spent at home, where a couch, TV and kitchen are all at your disposal. No one can tell you what is or isn't allowed on the menu at your place, making it easy to add THC to the mix.

Edibles will allow you to become one with the couch, keep you calm after a lost bet, and motivate you to eat like a human garbage disposal. That sounds like a winning recipe on game day, so what are you waiting for? Hit up a dispensary, then get your infused treats, drinks and sauces ready by game day:

Dutch Girl Stroopwafel and coffee
The day has to start before it gets going. Want to make sure your stomach is lubed up and ready by kickoff? A cup of coffee (make it CBD coffee if you really want to be weed-y) paired with a Dutch Girl THC-infused stroopwafel is a fine game-day primer. These scrumptious, Dutch-inspired treats come in a handful of flavors, including caramel, chocolate, lemon and strawberry, with each one carrying at least ten milligrams of THC. Put the stroopwafel over a fresh cup of hot coffee to soften the cookie, then enjoy them together.

Saucy's Southern Wing Sauces
Is there a more game-day dish than wings? Smoked, grilled, air-fried or deep-fried, it doesn't matter. They're all delicious — and so are Saucy's Southern THC-infused sauces. Available in BBQ and Carolina Gold flavors, the sauces are good on wings, meatballs, pulled pork and plenty more. Each bottle comes packed with 100 milligrams of THC, so pour some over your lunch or dinner during the later games, and coast into bed. Better yet, hit up Saucy's Southern BBQ & Cuisine, a Mississippi-style barbecue joint under the same ownership, for some delicious meats to pour that sauce over.

Bayou Bites THC Hot Sauce
In our tool belt of condiments, hot sauce is the trusty hammer, always there to cover up mistakes or punch a few extra drops of flavor into a meal. Thanks to Bayou Bites, a southern Colorado edibles maker, THC can now be added to your culinary tool belt, too, with 100 and 1,000-milligram versions for sale at a limited number of dispensaries. This Louisiana-style hot sauce, made with solventless hash oil, enhances everything from eggs to nachos to popcorn (see below).
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Sweet Mary Jane's infused popcorn was named Westword's Best Non-Candy Edible of 2022.
Courtesy of Sweet Mary Jane
Sweet Mary Jane Popcorn
We're big fans of Sweet Mary Jane, a Boulder-based edibles maker founded by mother-daughter team Karin Lazarus and Lucienne Bercow. Their candy bars, cookies and old-fashioned pot brownies raised the bar for baked goods and chocolates in Colorado, but Sweet Mary Jane's popcorn is on a level all by itself. Sea salt, caramel and cheddar cheese flavors are all available at dispensaries for a self-made trio, and the CBD-to-THC ratio ensures that you'll get your munch on without an edibles freakout — although all of that CBD might knock you out even faster. With the original and cheddar flavors, add a few drops of Bayou Bites hot sauce on top.

Betty Mocktail Rimmer
Want to feel like you're drinking something stiff without the booze, but don't like the taste of beer? An infused margarita can do the trick. Betty's mocktail (or cocktail, if you want to get weird) rimmers are sold in ten individual packets to ensure a consistent single dose of ten milligrams of THC and five milligrams of CBD. There are two salt rimmers, pink Himalayan and red chili, and a lavender pomegranate sugar to choose from. And if you're not one for rimming (it's an acquired taste), simply add the salt or sugar to drinks or food. It's a little chunky, but it goes right down.

Short & Stoned THC Powder
If you're in the mood to cook your own edibles but don't have the resources to make infused butter or oil at home, THC powder is an easy route. There are a handful of tasteless powders allowing us to infuse dips, sauces and dishes, but we suggest Short & Stoned, an up-and-coming edibles brand founded by cook and new cannabis business owner Kelly Graffin. Add Short & Stoned's Magic Powder, made with solventless extraction methods, to mac and cheese, seven-layer dip, baked beans and so much more. Just be sure to label those dishes for guests.

THC Lozenges
Screaming at the TV over missed bets, fantasy football blunders or our team's third turnover is quite the strain on throats and vocal cords, so keep that voice box well tuned with a cannabis lozenge or two. Dispensaries offer all kinds of suckers, mints and lozenges, but our favorites at the moment are Canyon Suck-Its. Each lozenge comes with 2.5 milligrams of various cannabinoids, and the pink lemonade packs 2.5 milligrams of CBD, 2.5 milligrams of CBN and 2.5 milligrams of THC per piece. At less than one gram of sugar per lozenge and forty pieces per pack, these are low on sugar and high in value.
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Fireball's cannabis gummies each have ten milligrams of THC and zero alcohol.
Herbert Fuego

Fireball Gummies
Spending all Sunday at a friend's house and don't know what to bring? Taco Bell's taco twelve-packs get harder to digest as we get older, and doughnuts often go unfinished. Popular whiskey brand Fireball's weed gummies could be an easy one-hit wonder, though. Fireball quietly released a line of THC-infused gummies in 2019, and now sells distillate and rosin gummies in Colorado. The cinnamon-flavored gummies, dosed at ten milligrams of THC per piece, go down much easier than a shot of shitty whiskey, and are likely to get gobbled up out of curiosity, at the very least.
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