Colorado's Best Edibles for Football Sunday

Saucy's Southern infused wing sauces come in two flavors: BBQ and Carolina Gold.
Saucy's Southern infused wing sauces come in two flavors: BBQ and Carolina Gold. Khristian Matthews
Getting tickets to a big game is cool, but most football Sundays are best spent at home, where a couch, TV and kitchen are all at your disposal. No one can tell you what is or isn't allowed on the menu at your place, making it easy to add THC to the mix or switch it out for alcohol altogether.

Edibles will allow you to become one with the couch, keep you calm after a lost bet, and motivate you to eat like a human garbage disposal. That sounds like a winning recipe on game day, so what are you waiting for? Hit up a dispensary and check out these infused treats, drinks and sauces before Sunday morning.

Dutch Girl Stroopwafel and coffee
The day has to start before it gets going. Want to make sure your stomach is lubed up and ready to devour when kickoff hits? A cup of coffee (make it CBD coffee if you really want to be weed-y) paired with a Dutch Girl THC-infused stroopwafel is a fine game-day primer. These scrumptious, Dutch-inspired treats come in a handful of flavors, including caramel, chocolate, lemon and strawberry, with each one carrying at least 10 milligrams of THC. Put the stroopwafel over a fresh cup of hot coffee to soften the cookie, then enjoy them together.

Saucy's Southern Wing Sauces
Is there a more game-day dish than wings? Smoked, grilled, air-fried or deep-fried, it doesn't matter. They're all delicious — and so are Saucy's Southern THC-infused sauces. Available in BBQ and Carolina Gold flavors, the sauces are good on wings, meatballs, pulled pork and plenty more. Each bottle comes packed with 100 milligrams of THC, so pour some over your lunch or dinner during the later games, and coast into bed.

Ceria Brewing Company Beer
The only thing better than wings on game day is washing down those wings with a cold beer. And if you're not trying to booze up but still want a buzz, then stock the fridge with a few Ceria suds. Founded by Blue Moon Brewing Company creator Keith Villa, Ceria makes THC and CBD craft beers without the alcohol. The brand's Grainwave Belgian wit carries 5 milligrams of THC per can, while the Indiewave IPA has 10 milligrams of both THC and CBD. Sip it, chug it or throw it at the TV after replay kills your team's touchdown. In the immortal words of Seth Rogan's cop character in Superbad: "It's just beer." 
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Ceria Brewing Company sells infused Belgian wit and IPA beers.
Ceria Infused
Betty Mocktail Rimmer
Want to feel like you're drinking something stiff without the booze, but don't like the taste of beer? An infused margarita can do the trick. Betty's mocktail (or cocktail, if you want to get weird) rimmers are sold in ten individual packets to ensure a consistent single dose of 10 milligrams of THC and 5 milligrams of CBD. There are two salt rimmers, pink Himalayan and red chili, and a lavender pomegranate sugar to choose from. And if you're not one for rimming (it's an acquired taste), simply add the salt or sugar to drinks or food. It's a little chunky, but it goes right down.

Athelas Dip Mix
To each their own, but anyone who's cool with plain Ruffles and no dip deserves to be tarred and feathered. Make sure those ridges stay filled with creamy ranch, French onion or southwestern dips — and THC — with Athelas powdered mixes. Simply add the herb and seasoning packets to a sour cream base (spice it more if you want), and you have a lightly dosed bowl of chip dip. You can also use the packets for tacos, meat and pasta seasoning, and more. To keep things calm (and affordable), the packets come with just 10 milligrams of THC, so a few chips' worth shouldn't bury a lightweight.
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