Ask a Stoner: Where Are the Dispensaries in Brighton?

Dear Stoner: Are dispensaries banned in Brighton? I’m wondering if and when we’ll ever get any.

Dear Sandra: Amendment 64 gives each county and municipality the right to decide which types of cannabis businesses — if any — to allow within their jurisdictions, and Brighton decided to stay dry. The city council banned medical dispensaries in 2011 and recreational shops in 2013; since these moves were bans, not moratoriums, dispensaries will be prohibited in Brighton until the bans are reversed by a council or town vote.
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If you want to move that process along, you could make a ruckus at town meetings or start a petition to put a vote on Brighton’s next ballot. Or you can simply buy pot at stores in more accommodating areas nearby — unincorporated Adams and Weld counties allow dispensaries, and pot shops are starting to open in Commerce City and Thornton — until someone else takes on that battle.

Of course, Amendment 64 also gives you the right to grow your own anywhere in Colorado, though Brighton does place stricter rules on the plant height and square footage of a home grow than do standard state regulations.

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