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Ask a Stoner: Is Buying and Using CBN the Same as CBD?

The consumption methods are largely the same, but finding CBN is harder than finding CBD.
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Dear Stoner: I heard CBN might help me fall asleep better than CBD, but I am wondering if CBN is legal to buy online and vape like CBD. Are the rules the same?

Dear Matteo: There is research that suggests CBN can be a powerful sleep aid, among other wellness uses, but its effects aren’t the same for everyone. And making matters more complicated is CBN's availability: Although CBN isn't any less legal than CBD (and it could even be more legal, since CBN isn't listed as a controlled substance, even if the Drug Enforcement Administration would find a way to argue otherwise), it's much less abundant in hemp and marijuana plants than THC or CBD.
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CBN, known for helping users fall asleep, is about to reach the limelight. Canna Obscura
But there's another way to get it: THC and CBD can both be converted into CBN (which is still slightly intoxicating if converted from THC, but we'll save that science for another time), so expect to see more CBN in the future. In the meantime, you'll find CBN in most of the marketplaces carrying CBD and THC products, but beware of fake products: Given how rare this cannabinoid is, there are a lot of imposters, or at least exaggerators, out there.

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