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Reader: Being Baked Has Prevented Me From Doing Risky Things

Is cannabis consumption a risky business?
Is cannabis consumption a risky business? Jacqueline Collins
In "Frequent Marijuana Users Make Riskier Decisions," we reported on a recent Oregon State University study that used a card simulation exercise to show that frequent cannabis consumers might not be great at the blackjack table...or at making decisions in general.

“Choosing decks with large rewards and large losses indicate that frequent marijuana users are more attracted to the reward stimuli in their brains, and are more insensitive to potential negative consequences,” says Dr. Anita Cservena, one of the researchers. "This leads to implications for those substance use habits and how it affects their daily life decisions."

But readers disagree about the risks of consuming cannabis. Says James:
 Funny, because when I'm stoned I have a tough time risking getting out of bed.
Adds Richard: 
 The only risk as far as I am concerned is to laugh your ass off. It has turned me into a self-sufficient comedian where I really don't need an audience at all. I just laugh my own ass off.
Comments Alex: 
The riskiest decision I ever make while high is how long should I wait before I bite into my Hot Pocket.
Replies Jerry: 
Being baked has prevented me from doing risky things.
But Jack notes:
 It’s called a “Safety Meeting” for a reason.
Notes Michael: 
Those who don't know how to moderate—don't moderate. This study just taps into already grounded research in addictive behavior. That's the winning hand here.
Concludes Bill:
 Intoxication is not the avenue to mature, pragmatic, sustainable decisions.
Oregon State is currently conducting other studies to learn how frequent marijuana use affects people. Ongoing research projects include looking at how cannabis and alcohol use can affect emotional processing, and researching the association between cannabis users and how they respond to stress.

“I’ve always been interested in how different forms of substances affect decision-making skills,” Cservenka explains. “There’s not a lot of work done on correlation between cannabis and decision-making, and looking at these factors is important in understanding how cannabis use can affect users long-term.”

What do you think of these studies? Does cannabis consumption affect your decision-making? Post a comment or email [email protected]
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