Partying at Tetra 9.
Partying at Tetra 9.
Jacqueline Collins

Ask a Stoner: How Can I Consume Pot Around New Acquaintances?

Dear Stoner: Having a new significant other means hanging out with people I don't want to be with — and people I can't smoke weed around yet. I’ve never liked edibles after a few tries, but are they worth trying, to stay sane?
Buddy Blanco

Dear Buddy: Can’t tell if you’re simply an asshole, or just don’t know that you’re likely headed for a breakup owing to creative differences. Regardless, my advice would be to wait it out. Either you’ll start making nice with this new gang, or you’ll spend enough time around them to the point of not caring if they know you smoke pot; if it’s that big of an issue, that sounds like a pretty lame crew. Best-case scenario: Maybe they get high, too, and you’ll all be friends. Problem solved.

If you’re not used to the onset and peak of edibles, or don’t have any idea what your tolerance is for them, don’t try to figure that out in front of new folks or others you’re trying to impress. Even while going slow, it’s a trial-and-error process, so it’s better to experiment with edibles around people who won’t judge you based on your red eyes, delayed responses and excessive drooling. You may be used to dealing with too big of a joint, but overdoing edibles is a whole new ballpark. Even if you only go comatose once, that could be enough to end a budding relationship.

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