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Reader: Corporatization of Cannabis, Who Would Have Guessed?

The Mile High 420 Festival is part of annual tradition of marijuana celebrations at Civic Center Park.
The Mile High 420 Festival is part of annual tradition of marijuana celebrations at Civic Center Park. Jacqueline Collins
Denver's annual 4/20 celebration at Civic Center Park is changing hands...again. The permit to hold the Mile High 420 Festival, the most recent rendition of a 4/20 event at Civic Center Park, is currently owned by Colorado dispensary chain Euflora and its delivery service, FlyHi. Last month, however, Euflora agreed to an acquisition offer from JARS Cannabis. And the Michigan-based company is taking over the 4/20 fest as well, giving it a new name and a few other updates.

Decades ago, the fest was an unofficial political demonstration supporting decriminalization of cannabis. But with legalization came more of a party atmosphere. And now? In their comments on the Westword Facebook post of the news, readers share plenty of thoughts. Says Bombae: 
Who cares now? 4/20 was awesome back in the day when there was something to fight for. Now it's just a massive event where everyone thinks they deserve a hit of your weed. There's no purpose anymore, so it's going downhill.
Counters Bob:
It's been horrible since it started. I hope this helps.
Wonders Carey: 
What’s the point now? Like, we won. We gathered in protest and we voted and it’s legal now. Been a vendorfest ever since.
Asks Ollmaan: 
There are so many high-quality growers in the state, why in the sugar-frosted fuck would you bring in someone from across the country? ReeeeDONKulous!!
Responds Mark: 
Corporatization of cannabis. Who would’ve guessed?
Notes Cooper: 
Colorado lost its unique stoner vibe.
Replies Maya: 
It should be legalized in every state. I could care less about "unique" stoner vibes, I'd rather it be legal so everyone can enjoy it.
Says Dave:
Colorado dispensary bud sucks, not surprised. As well as all the other drama y’all report that happens within the local market.
Offers Cody: 
Crazy how things happen on a business level and people don't understand why to support your local business. Most of your dispenseries are not even mom and pop; they're corporate-owned.
And then there's this from Mike: 
I don't usually admit this in public but I myself am from Michigan. South Detroit born and raised. ...Heed my warning:

Nothing good can come of this!!!
Have you gone to Civic Center Park for the 4/20 fest? What do you think of the changes? How do you think legalization has gone in Colorado? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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