Reader: Time to Get Pot Delivered Like Pizza
Jacqueline Collins

Reader: Time to Get Pot Delivered Like Pizza

Will Colorado legislators manage to deliver a bill this session that would legalize the delivery of cannabis? That's the goal of House Bill 19-1234, introduced last week.

"Colorado voters overwhelmingly passed Amendment 64 with the intention of regulating cannabis in a similar fashion to alcohol, and our bill brings the law in line with that,” explains Representative Jonathan Singer, a co-sponsor. “Establishing a cannabis delivery system will provide consumers with a legal way to access cannabis in their homes, curtail illegal delivery services, and open new markets for legal businesses.”

And it's about time, according to our readers.

Says Denver: 

Who didn’t see THIS one coming?

Adds Adam: 

I've gotten weed delivered in L.A. I don't see a problem.

Notes Michael: 

Pretty cool, actually. Like getting pizza delivered.

Says Joe: 

I have no problem picking up my medicine on foot along with my groceries, but this is going to help a lot of people with disabilities that are unable to leave their house.

Responds Diane: 

I would love this. I'm homebound due to disability and this would be a huge help.

And Audrey has an answer for any concerns about crime. 

All deliveries should be prepaid through an app. Duh. That will solve the problem of drivers being robbed for cash. Please don't turn this into yet another safety issue.

Keep reading for more pot-related proposals at the legislature.

Reader: Time to Get Pot Delivered Like Pizza
Lindsey Bartlett

"Marijuana Bills Introduced in 2019 Legislature"

Reader: Time to Get Pot Delivered Like PizzaEXPAND
Jacqueline Collins

Marijuana Deals Near You

"Marijuana Delivery Proposal Gears Up in the Legislature"

HB 1234 would require the state Marijuana Enforcement Division to create a delivery licensing program for dispensaries and transporters, setting up a regulatory system for training requirements, safety provisions, recordkeeping and tracking, as well as limits on amounts and types of deliverable products. After that, deliveries could begin.

That's just one of nine pot-related bills that have been introduced this session. While proposals to provide medical marijuana patients with firearms rights and altered-state DUI laws regarding marijuana use are as good as dead, measures that would expand medical marijuana access, allow pot delivery and set up social consumption licenses are still alive and kicking.

And with a vocal supporter of legal marijuana in Governor Jared Polis, pot advocates and business owners expect to see many of these bills signed into law.

What do you think of the pot-delivery proposal? Post a comment or email your thoughts to marijuana@westword.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.