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Flo OG: underrated.
Flo OG: underrated. Herbert Fuego

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click to enlarge Flo OG: underrated. - HERBERT FUEGO
Flo OG: underrated.
Herbert Fuego
Cherry Pie

Tired of buying Cookies strains? Then open wide for some Cherry Pie. This giggly daytime strain carries a sweet, syrupy flavor of cherry pie filling with grainy notes of dough and soil. Anyone who likes a Belgian kriek or cherry sour beer will find it delicious. Cherry Pie’s child, Grape Pie, also carries a fine pastry flavor.

Tiger’s Milk
I’ve never understood why this hasn’t gotten bigger with nighttime smokers or the medical crowd. Tiger’s Milk’s Bubba Kush influence can knock you out inside of ninety minutes, but not without first reminding you of French vanilla, with a sweet and zesty smoke that deserves more shine.

U.K. Cheese
Packers fans who toke, wake up. Although solidified as a multi-generation strain, U.K. Cheese still doesn’t get the love of a Sour Diesel, Bubba Kush or even Bruce Banner. Someone needs to tell Arsenio Hall how good this fucking cheese is.

Cannalope Haze
Melon is an underrated flavor for pot. Cannalope Haze, a mix of original Haze and a Mexican landrace, is one of the first strains to pull off that sweet and tangy flavor. I’m not saying you should smoke it in the morning...but what if I did?

Another simple, underrated flavor that breeders don’t focus on enough. Bubblegum hails from Indiana, but don’t hold that against it. Magnifying the bubblegum notes that so many classic indicas from the Eastern Hemisphere are known for, Bubblegum is supremely sweet, but not nearly popular enough with breeders.

Flo OG
No worries if you haven’t heard of Flo OG yet — it was developed by House of Dankness and is slowly spreading across Denver — but the mix of Flo and Rare Dankness #1 is a piney, sour delicacy that works any time of the day.


Is it just me, or do things that taste like blueberries taste better than blueberries themselves? Add Blueberry pot to that list. A solid relaxer with timeless flavor. Respect.

Sour Diesel
Not much explanation needed here. Like other popular strains, Sour Diesel can vary from dispensary to dispensary, but the strain’s smell, flavor and effects are all easy to recognize after just a few sessions. Sometimes I prefer a joint of Sour D to a cup of coffee — and almost always feel good about the choice two hours later.

Jack Herer
The famous cannabis activist may be gone, but at least the piney, uplifting strain bearing his name lives up to his lively reputation.

Bubba Kush
From a 2016 review I wrote: “Bubba Kush is one baaaaad strain. Bubba Kush will grab your money, knock you out and leave you weak in the knees when you finally wake up. Bubba Kush will take your mother out for a nice dinner and never call her again. Bubba Kush don’t give a fuck. Bubba Kush.”
Still accurate.

Lemon Skunk
A Skunk lineage with a sweet-lemon flavor that leads to shit-eating grins for hours. What’s not to like? It’s a popular strain, and it should be.

Golden Goat
This is a very popular daytime strain that really gets ya goin’. Like the trashy-but-attractive girls I’ll swipe right on from time to time, Golden Goat is here for a very good time, but not necessarily a long one. And I’m fine with that.

Cat Piss
It smells exactly what it sounds like. Never again.
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